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Barratt edges towards FTSE 100 exit door

02 Sep 2014

Housebuilder and can-making company Rexam are two companies …

Halliburton agrees $1.1bn Gulf spill deal

02 Sep 2014

The group, which supplied the cement intended to seal the we…


Welcome to AISN

Every business, whether starting up or moving on needs a guiding hand. At times, your situation is unique and in our experience, if advice and financial assistance is to be truly valuable, it must be based on an appreciation of your individual circumstances.

The financial world is complex and fast changing and we have neither the time nor, very often the inclination to make the most of what on offer.

AISN’s business objectives are as follows:

  • Creating unique value for company and its stakeholders
  • Creating wealth for stakeholders
  • Identifying entrepreneurs and SMEs to help achieve their full potential.
  • Investing in entrepreneurs with great investment-ready-ideas or high-net-worth Investors.

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